Anthropic resources


The anthropic tourist resources from the city and immediate surroundings are represented by:

Turnu Monastery – which is patronized by the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, was built in 1676 by the Metropolitan Bishop Varlaam. It is a historical and religious architecture monument.

„Arutela”, the Roman castra ‐ nearby Caciulata Hotel, there are still well-known historical vestiges, like: “Arutela”, the Roman castra, the rock called “Masa lui Traian” (The Table of Traian) and the thermal waters from Bivolari – on the left bank of Olt River.

Ostrov Hermitage, the foundation of Neagoe Basarab, built between 1518 and 1522. It still keeps interior mural paintings from 1752‐1715. It is located on an island in the middle of Olt River, where a park with approximately 50 species of trees and shrubs is arranged.

Cornetu Monastery, which is patronized by the Beheading of St. John the Baptist, is located at 20 km from the resort, nearby Brezoi, in Calinesti Village. The monastery was built in 1666 by the magistrate Marej Basescu.

Stanisoara Monastery (5 km from the resort), built in 1747, is an old historical monument with religious architecture.

From the total area of the resort, almost half is wooded: 13% resinous plants and 87% deciduous plants. From the resinous plants, the fir occupies 70%, while the spruce fir occupies 30%.  Among the deciduous plants, the beech predominates with over 80%. Otherwise, the large deciduous plants are represented by: oak, maple, birch, and along the valleys we can see poplar trees and willow trees. The herbaceous layer from the forests of the resort consists in ferns.



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