Tourist routes

All tourist routes on the mountainside are in the process of homologation.

Calimanesti-Caciulata-Cozia Resort, famous for the spa treatments that can be done here, is a health oasis due to its healing character, but also to the beauties that nature offers. The tourist routes from Calimanesti-Caciulata-Cozia area are as follows:

• Calimanesti – Caciulata – Satul Pausa – Bivolari – Turnu Monastery;
• Calimanesti – Horezu Ceramic Centre – Pestera Muierilor (The Women’s Cave)
• Calimanesti – Horezu Monastery, Bistrita Monastery, Govora Monastery and Manastirea dintr-un lemn (the Monastery made of a single piece of timber)
• The Tower of the Resort, Cozia Reservation, Cozia Monastery, Stanisoara Monastery, Turnu Monastery and Ostrov Monastery, Lotrisor Waterfall, Olt Defile;
• Calimanesti – Turnu Monastery – Pragul Haiducului – Turneanu Peak– Curmatura Mica – Ciuha Neamtului Peak – Cozia Chalet;
• Calimanesti – Stanisoara Monastery – Urzica Waterfall;
• Calimanesti – Stanisoara Monastery – Stanca Salbaticului – Mecetul Pustnicului;
• Calimanesti – the Trinity – Stanisoara Monastery – Coltii lui Damaschin – Cozia Chalet.



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